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Waarschuwingsbrief van TeleAtlas

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...voor wie denkt zonder meer leuk te kunnen verdienen aan andermans inspanningen, hier een copie van een brief die recent is verstuurd aan een verkoper van illegaal gecopierde TeleAtlas Cd's.

Wij staan achter deze stelling.

hieronder de brief:

Dear <censuur>,

Our company, Tele Atlas N.V. is the creator, owner and producer of original geographic and other information stored and distributed on the CD-ROM's offered by you to third parties (the "Work"). The Work is protected by the copyright laws of Germany, as well as the copyright laws of other countries of the European Union and elsewhere. The Work also is protected by Directive 96/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases and the laws of the countries of the European Union under which the Directive has been nationalized. VDO Car Communication Germany GmbH also owns copyrights in the Work, particularly in the data formats that make the work compatible for use with navigation systems developed and/or manufactured by VDO Car Communication Germany GmbH.

We recently discovered that you have made illegal and unauthorized copies of the above-mentioned CD-ROM's and are selling the copies in Germany through internet. Your activities constitute knowing, willful and intentional infringement of our companies' copyrights and database protection rights in the Work.

Tele Atlas N.V. and VDO Car Communication Germany GmbH have lost and will continue to lose revenues and profits as a result of your infringing sales of the Work, and have and will continue to sustain damage as a result of your wrongful conduct, including damage to our goodwill.

Your aforementioned activities are subject to criminal prosecution and penalties and actionable in civil proceedings.

We demand that you immediately cease your infringing activity and destroy all illegal copies you made.

Since Tele Atlas, Navigation Technologies and VDO have joint their legal actions to stop infringing copyrights and database protection rights in our Work we would like to inform you as follows.

In case Tele Atlas and/or Navigation Technologies and/or VDO detects after date of this letter you are still infringing one of our copyrights and /or database protection rights we will not hesitate to:

- report this matter to the police and request prosecution and;
- start civil actions which will consist in asking for court a penalty of at least Euro/$ 10,000 per day / per each single infringement activity;
- inform the press and therewith the public of your infringements.

We assume these actions will not be necessary

Yours sincerely,
Tele Atlas NV
Jeroen Ruhaak LL.M, M.Sc.
Company lawyer

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