[INFO] NVE-N099P | DVD GPS Navigation System

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[INFO] NVE-N099P | DVD GPS Navigation System

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Alpine NVE-N099P - DVD GPS Navigation System


Throw away your road maps and clean out your glove compartment. Here’s the best car navigation system
we’ve ever developed. Featuring a new high-speed 64-bit processor and data bus for ultra-fast response and
smooth position indication, this unit is also compatible with all our wide-screen monitors — including the new Touch Control features.

Technical Details

• DVD-ROM Drive
• Map Coverage (20 countries) See page 11 for country list
• High Quality Voice Guidance in 8 Languages (German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish)
• High Speed CPU
• Compatible with PulseTouchTM Display (IVA-D300R/RB) and touch screen monitor (TME-M770)
• Built-In TMC tuner
• Advanced TMC functions
• Wide TMC coverage *2
• TMC event list
• TMC event voice
• MobileHubTM Ready (NOKIA Link)
• Built-In Gyro Sensor
• Vehicle Speed Pulse Input
• 3D Motorway Junction Guidance *1

*1 Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy,
and France.
*2 Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium,
the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden.
*3 V-Trafic information in France provided by Mediamobile company
*4 Traffic information in the UK provided by ITIS Holding Plc.

All of Europe — On One DVD!
We’ve used the extensive data capacity of DVD-ROM to make things simple for you. Now, all of Europe* fits on a single disc, letting you drive throughout
the entire continent without having to change discs. For example, you could drive from Madrid to Berlin or Paris to Rome, calculate your entire route — even plan interesting stops on the way — and never have to worry about which disc is in the unit.

The new high capacity DVD-ROM has all European countries (shown here) on a single disc. This means you can drive anywhere on the continent and not have to change discs when you cross borders.

* Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Ireland, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican, San Marino, Liechtenstein

Touch Control Ready
Car navigation has never been so simple to use — or so much fun. Compatible with our new Touch Screen control monitors, the NVE-N099P can be controlled by pressing the virtual buttons on the screen. Thanks to the advanced technology and new CPU, response is lightning-fast. No need to search for panel controls, no need to even use the remote. Just touch the display, and the settings instantly change. Convenient, ultrafast, intuitive — this is what navigation was meant to be.

Introducing the future of mobile communications. Alpine’s sophisticated MobileHub in-car network is advanced, easy to use, and ensures that you’ll never be out of the loop when you’re on the road. It gives you hands-free calling, one-touch dialing, caller info display on the head unit, and convenient links to your phone/address book. Other useful features include SMS (Short
Message Service) E-messaging, as well as direct dialing of numbers from the navigation system’s Points of interest and User Memory Point databases.

MobileHubTM for Mobile Media Stations

Direct dialing from the PulseTouchTM Display
The display doubles as a virtual ‘keyboard,’ letting
you tap in phone numbers by touching the screen. Press the call button and your call is connected — it’s fast and easy! (IVA-D300R/RB only.)

View messages on the wide display
Read incoming messages on the large 7” display (IVA-D300R/RB only). SMS messaging is now easier and more convenient than ever before.

Other useful features
Take advantage of these additional functions: Telephone book access, dialing/receiving calls, getting network provider info, display of caller name, speed dialing and voice tag.

MobileHubTM for Head Units

Hands-free operation
All Alpine MobileHub-ready head units let you talk hands-free. Use the included microphone and hear your party’s voice over the system speakers.

Sending and receiving SMS messages
Read your SMS messages on the head unit display and use the panel controls* to send messages. (*CDA-7998R only)

Other useful features
Take advantage of these additional functions: Telephone book access, dialing/receiving calls, getting network provider info, display of caller name, speed dialing and voice tag.

MobileHubTM for Navigation Systems

Dialing Points of Interest
Calling a POI number couldn’t be any simpler —
just click on the entry and the number is dialed automatically.

Calling from navigation address book
Here’s another handy way to make calls. Simply search through the destination address book, select a destination, and your call is dialed – automatically!

Wide Selection of Monitors
Navigation never looked so good. We’ve got high-quality monitors for every budget and every installation preference.

Wide, Comprehensive TMC Coverage
No matter where you drive in Europe, the advanced TMC (Traffic Message Channel) system is at your side, automatically alerting you to accidents and traffic jams that pop up on your route. Special TMC icons and highlight colours are shown in the display, giving you clear indication of road problems. Alpine has alliances with all European providers — both free and pay service — including i-TMC for the U.K. and V-Trafic in France, giving you the widest TMC coverage possible.

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